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Twin brothers work on King Neptune at the annual sand sculpture contest at Revere Beach.  Photo credit courtesy of boston_camera from Last week I mentioned a future post will discuss nature/nurture and intelligence.  Much of the evidence used in this type … Continue reading

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Mid-week Share: California High School Student Devises Cancer Cure

Starting today, each week I will share a link, video or quote. This week, a story from CBS News: California High School Student Devises Possible Cancer Cure.  Enjoy. I’m inclined to wonder – if two years ago she told her parents or … Continue reading

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Nature vs. Nurture – “versus?!”

Many discussions about “nature vs. nurture” err in assuming that this is a dichotomy.  In this view, showing that nurture affects a trait or characteristic implies that genes do not, and vice versa. This is a false dichotomy on several grounds. First of … Continue reading

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Two Quarterbacks, Fifty-one Dragons, and One Kind of Magic

One of my favorite short stories of all time is “The 51st Dragon” by Heywood Broun. If you are not familiar with the story, you may want to read it before reading the rest of today’s blog. It is at … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Ride?

In high school I went on a bicycling/camping trip.  We would ride during the day, carrying our tents and cooking gear in packs on our bikes, and camp at night.   We had good weather at the start of the trip … Continue reading

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Do you think like a Victim or a Creator?

A college class was told they would need their textbook in class. Their college bookstore hadn’t ordered enough copies of the book and ran out. Two students were unable to get their text before the first day of class. The … Continue reading

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